Solving the noise problem without any cost

An innovative and eco-friendly Noise Barrier to personalize.
A barrier that absorbs and insulates from noise, and guarantees an economic return
thanks to the photovoltaic generation from the first year!
Sound Solar Panel: the noise barrier for Smart Cities made in Italy.

To reduce the noise caused by manoufacting activities.


Along transport sities, such as roads, motorways, railways.


Near sensitive sites: school, hospitals, parks, residential areas.


Sound Solar Panel (SSP) is the only certified photovoltaic barrier that solves the noise problem and allows an economic return for over 25 years.

Take for example one of our installations in Rome:

Barrier Lenght 500 mts
Barrier Height 4 mts
PVWatts Calculator (ROME) 1.300kWh/year
Energy produced in the First year 208.000,00 kWh
Return in the 1st year 40.200 $
Return in the 20th year 963.000 $
Return in the 25th year
1.264.000 $