Etway (Energy Transport way) developes, produces and commercializes the noise photovoltaic panel marketed as Sound Solar Panel. This panel has a twin function: to solve the noise problem in areas with high noise pollution, and to enable the production of electricity from a renewable source, thus guaranteeing an economic return on investment at the same time.

The SSP consists of three perfectly integrated components: the panel structure in metal carpentry is completed by two phono-absorbent cushions in mineral wool, resistant to both water and heat, and integrated with custom photovoltaic modules designed to maximize energy productivity and ease of installation. The product has been tested and certified in specialized laboratories both for acoustic and mechanical properties.

The aim of Etway is that to relate transport field with energy and finance one, by proposing the Sound Solar Panel by means of new business models such as Public-Private Partnership (PPP). In this way the company intends to solve problems of different nature in an intelligent way: acoustic, environmental and energetic but also financial and juridical aspects.

We have become over the years a reference point for the photovoltaic noise barriers market; we follow our clients throughout every phase of their project with flexibility and versatility, from feasibility study to implementation. We interface with both the private and the public sector. We offer a high-quality, precision service. We provide answers with speed and on time.

In the domestic market, we have successfully completed several projects both in the private and public sectors, managing the order from beginning to end and delivering a turnkey solution to the customer. We have several running international collaborations with actors in Europe and more widely outside the continental borders.